southernbeatnik (southernbeatnik) wrote in the_pit_crew,


My first post! Finally figured out how to update to this thing.

King's Field r0x0rz teh b0x0rz. And on that note, *poof*!
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I'm trying to figure that one out myself; anyhow, i guess i'm not really a member, merely a guest star; so who the hell wrote that little song and dance number, eh?
Make sure that you're a member of the group and have posting rights (which if you're a member, you'll have). Then, you update by accessing the info of the community and clicking the blue pencil, or making sure your updater program (like Semagic) is set to update to the_pit_crew.
It comes from a Muppets movie. Sango-chan can fill you in on the finer details.
It seems i've been successful, thanks.