Craig Lee (demonboyzan) wrote in the_pit_crew,
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A Report From Craig

Just a side note to all you ladies and gents out there; thought you'd all like to know, GEHENNA BLOODY WELL SUCKS!!! so far, and I haven't even read that much; this has to be the most vague supplement ever completed and published by White Wolf; they're definite about Lilith and Vykos and that's about it; everything else is left to supposition, and most of the time they don't even give any examples or suggestions, just some murky ramblings that don't state anything and sometimes don't even form proper sentences; who the hell told these people they could write, cause that person should be shot and hung on a fence in a square for all to see and throw rotten vegetables and feces at; also, i'm getting over my fear of phones.
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